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Antonius Stradivarius Volumes I-VIII (Edited by Jost Thöne)

Sold by: Jost Thöne
“Taken together, these eight volumes are a massive achievement, a substantial reset of the standards and quality of documentation, and

Italian and French Violin Makers, Volume I-IV

Sold by: Jost Thöne
This unique volume brings together a collection of instruments crafted by the legendary lutherie masters of the last four centuries

Jean Baptiste Vuillaume

Sold by: Jost Thöne
This splendid volume of different instruments built by the celebrated French master violin-maker Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, includes models by Stradivari,

Monograph of the Antonio Stradivari Cello c.1690 ‘Barjansky’

Sold by: Jost Thöne

Probably the most extensive and detailed study of a stringed instrument that has ever been published

  Read the review, The Strad July 2021

Violin and Bow Makers, Volume 1

Sold by: Jost Thöne
This publication, measures 320 mm by 240 mm (complete with a hardcover and gold embossed print), and features forty full-colour

Contemporary Violin Makers

Sold by: Jost Thöne
This publication is designed to share rare insight into the world of contemporary violin-making. Two magnificent volumes offering a full