Edited by leading expert Jorge Pozas, this magnificent (and rare) title features a collection of 50 of the greatest Spanish instruments, including several created by the master luthier José Contreras – regarded as many as the ‘Spanish Stradivari’. The luxury limited-edition book also contains world-famous 18th-century Spanish makers including  the Guillamí family, Vicente Assensio, Salvador Bofill and Ortega (both Silverio and Mariano).

Violins by José Contreras were sought-after masterpieces even during his lifetime: each was built with a high level of detail, with an Italian-style varnish said to have unique properties. Later on in his career, Contreras became the official luthier to King Charles IV, giving him access to the collection of the Spanish court – which by that time included numerous instruments by Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri and Stainer. His cellos are modelled on Stradivari’s large A form and his smaller B form, although his touch is freer and more expressive, his interpretation of the Stradivari model distinctive and personal.

The book features exceptional photography by Jan Röhrmann, with each imags printed to exceptional colour standards using advance printing techniques. The end result shows extraordinary detail of each instrument; some of the images have never been seen before. With groundbreaking analysis and commentary from John Dilworth, Peter Ratcliff (dendrochronology) and Brigitte Brandmair (scientific varnish research) as well as other leading experts, collectors, researchers and scientists, it is no surprise that this book was a prizewinner in the ‘Art Books’ section of the 2015 Best Edited Book Awards.

“Completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the volume. The elegant layout and first-class photography will make it a real reference book for this yet not enough studied school. I can only imagine what an effort was done for this research and please extend our congratulations to everyone involved.”

Andrea Zanrè, Scrollavezza & Zanrè (Italy) – March 2015

“Many thanks for this beautiful book. I was like a little boy reading a new book.

My felicitations, this represented enormous work but the result is there.”

Jan Strick, Violin maker (Belgium) – March 2015

“Congratulations on such an interesting publication that will help us all. Bravo!”

Florian Leonhard, Florian Leonhard Fine Violins, London (United Kingdom)- March 2015

“Wonderful book, congratulations to all of you, bravi!!!”

Roberto Regazzi, Fine Violins (Italy) – March 2015

Hardcover with luxury presentation case,
400 pages
29.7 cm x 42 cm

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Dimensions 29.7 x 42 cm
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Viola de gamba 1744
Violoncello “Ex-Greenhouse” 1746
Violoncello “Juilliard” 1756
Viola d’amore 1758
Violin 1759
Violin c.1760
Violin 1762
Violoncello 1762
Violoncello “Ex-Tortelier” c.1764
Violin 1765
Violin “The King” 1767
Violin “Yale” 1767
Violin 1767
Violin c.1767 (I)
Violin c.1767 (II)
Violin c.1767 (III)
Violin “small size” c.1767
Violin Undated
Violin 1769
Violoncello 1769
Violoncello c.1769
Violin c.1770
Violin 1772
Violin “Shlomo Mintz” 1773

Violin 1770
Violin c.1790

Violin 1798
Violoncello 1816
Violin 1823

Violin 1844

Violin 1779

Pochette 1735
Violin 1746

Violin 1734
Violin 17xx
Violoncello 1746
Violoncello 1747
Violin 1755
Violoncello 1756
Violin 1757
Violin 1767

Violoncello 1760
Viola 1770
Violin 1773
Violin c.1780
Viola c.1780
Viola 1788
Violoncello 1789
Violoncello 1792
Violoncello 1799
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