This splendid volume of different instruments built by the celebrated French master violin-maker Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, includes models by Stradivari, Guarneri, Maggini and Amati in life-size. The edition was put together to honour 200 years since the birth of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, celebrated in the Cité de la Musique in Paris.

“Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume was just 19 years old when he arrived in Paris from his native town of Mirecourt. Trained in violin making by his father, he began an association with Nicolas- Antoine Lété and François Chanot before establishing his own workshop in 1825. He would eventually become the most successful maker and dealer of the 19th century, famous not only for his bench copies of Italian violin masterpieces, but also for employing and nurturing most of the finest French bow makers of the time.”

David Bonsey, September, 2018, The Strad

The one-off work, produced and edited by Jost Thoene Verlag, includes a foreword by Bernard Millant, Christoph Landon and Serge Boyer as well as essays by Stefan-Peter Greiner and Florian Leonhard in German, English and French. CT and X-ray scans as well as exact measurements and labels is a unique masterpiece.

List of instruments

1825 Nr. 32 Stradivari model violin
1827 Nr. 63 Amati model violin + inside view
1840 Nr. Stradivari model “Tzar N. De Russe” violin
1842 Nr. 1550 Stradivari model violin
1844 Nr. 1637 Guarneri model violin
1844 Nr. Stradivari model violoncello
1845 Nr. Guarneri model violin
1845 Nr. 1694 Amati model violin
1845 Nr. St. Cécile model violin
1847 Nr. 1778 Guarneri model violin
1848 Nr. Amati model “Conte Doria“ viola
1849 Nr. 337 St. Cécile model viola
1850 Nr. Maggini model viola
1850 Nr. Guarneri model violin + X-Ray and measurement plate
1852 Nr. 1924 Stradivari model Violin
1856 Nr. 2209 Stradivari model „Ex Hubermann“ violin + C-Ray and measurement plate
1860 Nr. Stradivari model „Ex Charlemagne“ violin
1862 Nr. 2348 Stradivari model violin
1863 Nr. 2494 Stradivari model viola
1863 Nr. 2517 Stradivari model „Ex Prinz Hanau“ Violin
1864 Nr. 2575 Stradivari model violoncello
1865 Nr. 2611 Stradivari model „Ex Prince C. De Chimay“ violin
1867 Nr. 2671 Stradivari model violin
1869 Nr. 2771 Guarneri model violin
1870 Nr. 2809 Stradivari model „St.Paul“ Violin
1874 Nr. 2990 Stradivari model „Ex Fournier“

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