This publication is designed to share rare insight into the world of contemporary violin-making. Two magnificent volumes offering a full overview of contemporary violin-making at its very best, by exploring a representative selection of 80 of the world’s finest violin makers. Both volumes are illustrated with clear and concise photography of an array of stunning contemporary instruments alongside portraits and biographies of each of the makers.

The two volumes examine each luthier’s unique style by documenting the individual’s approach and applied techniques by focussing on a single crafted instrument of each luthier’s own choosing allowing viewers to identify instruments and workmanship most interests them. They offer a rare opportunity to gain insight into a specific luthier if you are considering purchase of an instrument or would like some inspiration on instrument-making. Each book contains measurement tables, colour accuracy to a fine degree, and exceptional photography.

Volume I

Bärbel Bellinghausen
Matthieu Besseling
Raffaello di Biagio
Alfred Binner
Denis Caban
Scott Cao
Pierre Chaubert
Alessandro Ciciliati
Ulrike Dederer
Sibylle Fehr-Borchardt
Cristiano Ferrazzi
Lorenzo Frignani
Thomas Goldfuss
Giorgio Grisales
Boris Haug
Haide Lin
Jay Ifshin
Il Hun Jeong
Lázló Lakatos
Giovanni Lazzaro
Günter H. Lobe
Jürgen Manthey
Igor Moroder
Gianni Norcia
Per S. Ovesen
Marco Imer Piccinotti
Luca Primon
Oliver Radke
Hyung Su Rhee
Romy Rode
Christian Sager
Wolfgang Schiele
Andrea Schudtz
Eduard Schwen
Franco Simeoni
Thomas Stöhr
Francesco Tarchi
Germain Trumpf
Thomas van der Heyd
Julia van der Waerden

Volume II

Gregg Alf
Elena Bardella
Jan Bartos
Paul Belin
Marcello Bellei
Jan Bobak
Yuri Buchagin
Roberto Cavagnoli
Agustin Clemente
Stefano Conia
Charles Coquet
Tony Echavidre
Frank Eickmeyer
Peter Erben
Kevin Gentges
Fabien Gram
Andreas Haensel
Arveen Iskandarian
Beate Kienitz
Konrad Kohlert
Felix Krafft
Marcin Krupa
Christophe Landon
Michael Ledfuss
Barbara Piccinotti
Peter Paul Prier
Till Riecke
Mattia Riva
Jurriaan van Roon
Lorenzo Rossi
Felix Scheit
Cornelius Schneider-Marfels
Saskia Schouten
Davide Sora
Claudio Testoni
Thorsten Theis
Francesco Toto
Günter Waldau
Hendrik Woldring

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