Antonius Stradivarius Volumes I-VIII (Edited by Jost Thöne)



“Taken together, these eight volumes are a massive achievement, a substantial reset of the standards and quality of documentation, and a valuable contribution to our understanding of the work of the greatest violin maker who ever lived. This is above all a brave project, given the value and importance of these instruments and their often sensitive histories and attributions.”

John Dilworth, The Strad March 2017

Antonius Stradivarius Volumes I-IV (Edited by Jost Thöne) consists of the ultimate collection of fine instruments, crafted by the legendary Antonio Stradivari; fully researched to meticulous detail and compiled over a long period of time, with stunning photography and published in astonishing quality, such a volume has never been seen before. The collection is divided into eight spectacular volumes of around 2,667 pages with a weight of 50kg.

Each book measures 320 mm by 450 mm, every detail of the fine instruments is reproduced in life-size including the cellos, which reach an extent of approximately 960 mm by 450 mm. The eight volumes examine three hundred well-certified instruments – all meticulously photographed by an elite collection of the world’s leading instrument photographers.

Uniquely, the authors have been granted full access to closely examine some of the rarest examples of Stradivari instruments in existence. Consequently some instruments have never been shown in public before. Along the way, the authors have also made ground breaking discoveries using scientific research that have led to showing how some of the instruments, are linked to each other in astonishing ways.

This highly acclaimed masterpiece of volumes is a collectors’ edition, published by Jost Thöne Verlag with support from some of the finest instrument experts worldwide. There is a fascinating history of every featured instrument, researched and written by Dr. Christian Eder and Alessandra Barabaschi, alongside comprehensive essays by Florian Leonhard, Simon Morris, (J & A Beare Ltd, London), Carlo Chiesa (Milan), Arjan Versteeg (Starnberg) and Johannes Loescher (Cologne).

Every set of eight volumes accompanies a DVD, containing sought after information on measurements, arching samples, detailed views, CT scans, 360° views, dendrochronological results of all the Strads published, rare recordings of some of the instruments shown and an exclusive live video recording.

***This product is strictly limited to 2000 hard-back linen effect copies (library edition) and 100 leather-bound copies (deluxe edition) of each volume, individually numbered and registered, the books—published by Jost Thöne—are certain to increase in value and become a worthwhile investment.***

See a sample of the diashow Antonio Stradivari here

Watch the video about the production of these volumes here

Volume I-IV
Published by Jost Thöne/Jost Thöne Verlag
Editors Jost Thöne/Jan Röhrmann

Volume V-VIII
Published by Jost Thöne/Jost Thöne Verlag
Editor Jost Thöne

Volume I-VIII, combined 2.667 pages, 3.342 images, 43 fold-out pages, with slipcase and DVD.
Copyright © Jost Thöne Verlag, Köln 2010 + Saig 2016

Library Edition
Limited to 2.000 copies
Vol I-VIII with slipcase and DVD.

De Luxe Edition – Investment of a lifetime
Limited to 100 copies, leather-bound/gilt edge
Upon request

With expertise of Dr. Christian Eder, Köln; Florian Leonhard, London; Carlo Chiesa, Mailand; J & A Beares, London; Jost Thöne, Köln; Johannes Loescher, Köln; Sean Carpenter, New York; Arjan Versteeg, München; Dr. Rudolf Hopfner, Wien; John Dilworth, London; Alessandra Barabaschi, Bonn.

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Dimensions 32 x 45 cm
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Other details
Volume I

1666–1669 ca. violin
1667 ca. violin ‘Aranyi’
1667–1690 ca. cello ‘Flat Back’
1669 violin ‘Francalucci, Clisbee’
1669 violin ‘Tullaye’
1670 (1666-1668) violin ‘Sachs’
1670–1672 ca. violin
1672 viola ‘Mahler’
1677 violin ‘Sunrise’
1679 violin ‘Hellier’
1679 violin ‘Parera’
1681 violin ‘Count de Lachenais, Reynier’
1683 violin ‘Amatisé, de Ahna’
1684 violin ‘Croall, McEwen’
1684 violin ‘Lord Elphinstone, Veerman’
1668 (1686) violin ‘Golden Bell’
1686 ca. violin ‘Rosgonyl’
1687 violin ‘Bertier, Kubelik’
1687 violin ‘Spanish, Ole Bull’
1688 cello ‘Cazenove, Marylebone’
1688 ca. violin ‘Guyot’
1690 violin ‘Theodor’
1690 ca. cello ‘Barjansky’
1692 violin ‘Bennett’
1692 violin ‘Oliveira’
1693 ca. cello ‘Lord Speyer, Maurice Gendron’
1694 violin ‘Bonvalot, Lady Margaret’
1695 violin ‘Goetz’
1695 viola ‘Axelrod’
1695 ca. violin
1695 ca. violin ‘Salomon’
1695 ca. violin ‘Sandars’
1696 ca. cello ‘Prince Gursky’
1697 cello ‘Castelbarco’
1697–1698 ca. violin ‘Montbel’

Volume II

1698 cello ‘De Kermadec Bläss’
1698 cello ‘Magg’
1698 cello ‘St. Senoch, Murray’
1698 ca. violin ‘Rouse-Boughton’
1698 ca. violin ‘Théonville’
1699 violin ‘Lafont’
1699 violin ‘St. Vallier’
1699 ca. violin ‘Castelbarco’
1699 ca. violin ‘Penny’
1700 cello ‘Cristiani, Stauffer’
1700 violin ‘Heberlein’
1700 violin ‘Ward’
1700 ca. violin ‘Jupiter’
1701 violin ‘Dushkin, Albert Sandler’
1701 cello ‘Servais’
1702 violin ‘Brodsky’
1702 violin ‘Lukens, Edler, Voicu’
1702 violin ‘Phillips’
1702 violin ‘Thunis’
1702 ca. violin ‘Conte de Fontana, Oistrakh, Peterlongo’
1702 ca. violin ‘King Maximilian Joseph’
1703 violin ‘Milanollo, Hembert’
1703 violin
1703 violin
1703 ca. violin ‘Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia, Rynberger’
1703 ca. violin ‘Dancla’
1703 ca. violin
1704 violin ‘Betts’
1704 violin ‘Liebig, Schneiderhan’
1704 violin ‘Sammons’
1706 violin ‘Corbett’
1707 violin ‘Brüstlein’
1707 violin ‘Hammer’
1707–10 ca. cello ‘Castelbarco, Fau’
1708 violin ‘Empress Caterina of Russia, Salzard’
1708 violin ‘Havemeyer, Lyall’
1708 violin ‘Marchesa Guasco’
1708–09 ca. violin ‘Andrejeus’

Volume III

1709 violin ‘Greffuhle’
1709 violin ‘Hämmerle, Adler’
1709 violin ‘Scotta-Kaulbach, Kempner’
1710 violin ‘Leslie, Tate’
1710 cello ‘Baron Rothschild, Gore-Booth’
1711 violin ‘Earl of Plymouth, Kreisler’
1711 violin ‘Lady Inchiquin’
1711 violin ‘Vogelweith’
1711 cello ‘Mara’
1712 violin ‘Schreiber’
1713 violin ‘Gibson, Huberman’
1714 violin ‘Joachim, Ma’
1714 violin ‘Leonora Jackson’
1714 ca. violin ‘da Vinci, Juif Errant’
1715 violin ‘Aurea’
1715 violin ‘Harold Joachim, 1715, Cremonese’
1715 ca. violin ‘Schneiderhan’
1716 violin ‘Baron Wittgenstein’
1716 violin ‘Goldman, Milstein’
1716 violin ‘Nachèz’
1716 ca. violin ‘Baron Oppenheim, Professor Exner’
1716 ca. violin ‘Berthier, Franz von Vecsey’
1717 violin ‘Hämmerle, Baumgartner’
1717 violin ‘Reiffenberg’
1717 cello ‘Bonamy Dobree, Suggia’
1718 violin ‘Székely’
1718 violin ‘Viotti, Arnold Rosé’
1718 ca. violin ‘Prové’
1719 violin ‘Wieniawski, Bower’
1720 violin ‘Bavarian, King Ludwig II of Bavaria’
1720 violin ‘LEvêque’
1720 violin ‘Rochester’
1720 ca. violin ‘Red Mendelssohn’
1720–1725 ca. violin ‘Tartini’
1721 violin ‘Lelong, Cobbett, Joseph Suk’
1721 violin
1722 violin ‘Hamma, Vollrath’
1722 violin ‘Rode’

Volume IV

1722 ca. violin ‘Cadiz, Cannon, Wilmotte’
1722 ca. violin ‘Joachim, Elman, Bloomfield’
1723 violin ‘Edler, McCormack, Healy’
1723 ca. violin ‘Kiesewetter’
1724 violin ‘Ludwig’
1724 violin ‘Paganini, Bentinck, Stucki, Sándor Végh’
1724 violin ‘Rawark’
1724 cello ‘Hausmann’
1724 ca. violin ‘Abergavenny’
1725 violin ‘Chaconne, Hammig’
1725 violin ‘Duke of Cambridge, Bott’
1725 violin ‘Koeber’
1725 ca. violin ‘da Vinci’
1726 violin ‘Sleeping Beauty’
1727 violin ‘Barrère’
1727 violin ‘Halphen, Benvenuti’
1727 violin ‘Holroyd’
1727 violin
1727 viola ‘Cassavetti’
1727 ca. violin ‘Laub, Petschnikoff’
1728 violin ‘Artôt, Alard’
1728 violin ‘Perkin’
1728 violin ‘Thunis’
1729 violin ‘Benny’
1729 violin ‘Innes, Loder’
1729 ca. violin ‘Maurin, Rubinoff’
1730 ca. violin ‘Vesuvius’
1731 violin ‘Lady Jeanne’
1732 cello ‘Stuart, Honigberg’
1732 ca. violin ‘Baillot, Briselli’
1732 ca. violin ‘Rieu’
1733 ca. violin ‘Tangye, Segelman’
1734 violin ‘Baron Feilitzsch, Heermann’
1734 violin ‘Scotland University’
1734 violin ‘Wilmotte’
1734 ca. viola ‘St. Senoch, Gibson’
1736 ca. violin ‘Spencer Dyke’

Volume V

1667 violin ‘Dubois’
1667 violin ‘Jenkins’
1668 violin ‘Canadian’
1670-1680 violin ‘Klamroth’
1679 guitar ‘Sabionari’
1680 ca. violin ‘Reichardt’
1680 cello ‘Stradner’
1682 cello ‘Chigiano’
1683 violin ‘Bucher’
1683 violin ‘Cipriani Potter’
1683 violin ‘Cobbett’
1683 cello ‘L’Évêque de La Rochelle’
1683-1685 violin ‘Arma Senkrah’
1687 violin ‘Bello, Marie Law’
1687 violin ‘Kloster Traunstein’
1688 guitar ‘Hill’
1688 violin ‘Marchese Guido Borgomanero’
1689 violin ‘Baumgartner’
1689 cello ‘Archinto’
1689 violin ‘Ragin’
1690 viola ‘Medicea’
1690 violin ‘Lord Nelson’
1690 viola ‘Medicea, Baird’
1690 violin ‘Stephens’
1690 violin ‘Toscano’
1690 cello ‘Mediceo’
1691 violin ‘Ginn’
1691 violin ‘Hilton’
1691 violin ‘Leopold Auer’
1691 ca. violin ‘Red Cross Knight’
1692 violin ‘Margaret Harrison’
1692 ca. violin ‘Queux de Saint-Hilaire’
1694 violin ‘Fetzer’
1694 violin ‘Maria, Muir Mackenzie’
1694 violin ‘Paschoud’
1694 violin ‘Rutson’
1694 violin ‘The Irish, Burgundy’
1694 ca. cello ‘The London’
1696 viola ‘Archinto’

Volume VI

1696 cello ‘Bonjour’
1697 violin ‘Cator, Rostal’
1697 violin ‘Rainville’
1698 cello ‘Schiff, Hagen’
1698 violin ‘Cabriac’
1698 violin ‘Casadesus, Zuber’
1698 cello ‘St. Senoch’
1698 violin ‘Vera’
1699 ca. violin ‘Berglund’
1699 cello ‘Dubois’
1699 violin ‘Arai, Ludwig Böhm’
1699 violin ‘Kattendijke’
1699 violin ‘Auer, Benvenuti’
1699 violin ‘Walner’
1700 violin ‘Taft, Emil Heermann’
1700/1717 ca. ‘Clapisson’
1701 violin ‘Markees’
1702 violin ‘Vicomte de la Taille’
1703 violin ‘Henry Ford’
1703 violin ‘Kontra’
1703 violin ‘Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin’
1703 violin
1704 violin ‘Sleeping Beauty’
1704 violin ‘Viotti’
1705 violin ‘Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra’
1706 violin ‘Klaveness, Kohon’
1706 violin ‘Russian State’
1707 cello ‘Boni, Hegar’
1707 violin ‘Dushkin, Bellarosa’
1707 violin ‘La Cathedrale’
1707 cello ‘Countess of Stainlein,Paganini, Greenhouse’
1707 violin ‘Zubov’
1708 violin ‘Dancla’
1708 violin ‘Davidoff’
1708 violin ‘Geraldine Morgan, Joachim’
1708 violin ‘Ruby’
1708 violin ‘Tua’

Volume VII

1708 violin ‘Txinka’
1709 violin ‘Crafoord’
1709 violin ‘Ludwig Mond, Tua’
1709 violin ‘Viotti, Bruce’
1709 violin ‘Viotti, Marie Hall’
1710 violin ‘Admiral Kasherininov’
1710 violin ‘Lord Dunraven’
1710 violin ‘NN’
1710 violin ‘Roederer’
1710 violin ‘Vieuxtemps’
1711 guitar ‘Vuillaume’
1712 ca. violin ‘Earl Spencer’
1713 violin ‘Dubois’
1713 violin ‘Pingriè(r)’
1714 violin ‘Hauptmann’
1714 violin ‘Yoldi, Moldenhauer’
1714 violin ‘Smith, Quersin’
1714 violin ‘Soil’
1715 viola ‘Vielgorsky’
1715 violin ‘Lipinski’
1715 violin ‘Marsick’
1715 violin ‘Titian’
1716 violin ‘Fau’
1716 violin ‘Habsburg-Lothringen’
1716 violin ‘Messiah’
1716 violin ‘Provigny’
1716 violin ‘Breuning-Storm’
1717 violin ‘Hamma’
1717 violin ‘Tretyakov’
1717 violin ‘Windsor, Weinstein’
1718 violin ‘Deszö Szigeti, Benno Walter’
1718 ca. violin ‘Lubbock, Grasset’
1718 violin ‘Maurin’
1718 violin ‘Spohr, Miriam Fried’
1719 violin ‘Monasterio’
1720 violin ‘Woolhouse’
1721 violin ‘Fenyves’
1721 violin ‘Kreisler’
1721 violin ‘Kruse’
1721 violin ‘MacMillen’

Volume VIII

1721-1725 violin ‘Prince Pavel Shahovskoy’
1722 ca. violin ‘Laurie’
1722 violin ‘Artot, Spalding, Maazel’
1722 violin ‘Joachim, Elman’
1722 violin ‘Wilhelmj, Bartlett’
1724 violin ‘Sarasate’
1725 ca. violin ‘Rywkind’
1725 ca. violin ‘Tretyakov’
1726 cello ‘Comte de Saveuse’
1726 violin ‘Burmester’
1726 violin ‘Hubay’
1726 cello ‘Marquis de Corberon’
1727 violin ‘Di Barbaro’
1727 violin ‘General Dupont, Grumiaux’
1728 cello ‘Romberg’
1728 violin ‘Baron Delcambre’
1728 violin ‘Barrett, Fuchs’
1728 violin ‘Dragonetti, Milanollo’
1728-1729 ca. violin ‘Paravinci’
1729 violin ‘Libon’
1729 violin ‘Marquis de Villefranche’
1729 violin ‘Recamiér’
1730 ca. cello ‘Pawle’
1730 violin ‘Baldiani’
1730 violin ‘Tritton’
1730 ca. cello ‘Scholz, Goltermann’
1731 violin ‘Jules Garcin’
1731 violin ‘Louis Lavine’
1731 violin ‘Schneeberger’
1732 violin ‘Arkwright, Lady Rebecca, Sylvan’
1732 violin ‘Wiener, Busch’
1733 violin ‘Prince of Khevenhuller, Menuhin’
1734 ca. violin ‘Habeneck’
1736 violin ‘Muir Mackenzie’
1736 violin ‘Yusupov’
1737 violin ‘Lord Norton’
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