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An Introduction to the Old Italian Violins (simplified mandarin)

The book offers an overview of 300 years of violin history. Exploring the historical circumstances in Northern Italy, namely the city of Cremona, where the violin originated, it takes the reader from Andrea Amati's workshop to those of the most famous Cremonese violin makers such as Antonio Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù and Carlo Bergonzi. From there violin making spread across other Italian and European cities. Illustrated with more than 600 pictures of instruments, the book is a unique guide to the complex world of violin family instruments; it provides valuable advice on how to choose the best violin, and how to take care of it.

Antonius Stradivarius Volumes I-VIII (Edited by Jost Thöne)

Sold by: Jost Thöne
“Taken together, these eight volumes are a massive achievement, a substantial reset of the standards and quality of documentation, and

Cello by William Pleeth

Foreword by Jacqueline du Pré

Contemporary Violin Makers

Sold by: Jost Thöne
This publication is designed to share rare insight into the world of contemporary violin-making. Two magnificent volumes offering a full

FÜSSEN LUTE AND VIOLIN MAKING by Josef Focht, Klaus Martius, Thomas Riedmiller

A captivating book with excellent reviews set in the Early Modern Era, when lute making in Füssen played a decisive role in influencing the production of stringed instruments in larger parts of Europe. This was possible because town of Füssen settled on one of the most important trading routes across the Alps. The town had access to valuable and unusual wood types on the northern edge of the Alps for which instrument makers gravitated to capture the heart of their sounds.   Read the review, The Strad, July 2019

Italian and French Violin Makers, Volume I-IV

Sold by: Jost Thöne
This unique volume brings together a collection of instruments crafted by the legendary lutherie masters of the last four centuries

Jean Baptiste Vuillaume

Sold by: Jost Thöne
This splendid volume of different instruments built by the celebrated French master violin-maker Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, includes models by Stradivari,

Jean Pierre Marie Persoit: His Life and Work, by Paul Childs

“The great and intriguing bow maker, Jean Pierre Marie Persoit, has for many years been an inspiration to other bowmakers


Masterpieces from the 2011 Parma Galleria Nazionale Exhibition

Listening through the lens by Christopher Nupen (with sampler DVD)

The official autobiography from BAFTA award-winning film maker, Christopher Nupen, director of The Trout - one of the most watched classical music films. Foreword by Vladimir Ashkenazy Read the review, The Strad, January 2020

Monograph of the Antonio Stradivari Cello c.1690 ‘Barjansky’

Sold by: Jost Thöne

Probably the most extensive and detailed study of a stringed instrument that has ever been published

  Read the review, The Strad July 2021

My Viola and I by Lionel Tertis

My Viola and I explores the history of the viola and music making during the late nineteenth century and early

Questionario Renzo Bacchetta del 1936

Sold by: Luca Bastiani
59 Italian Luthiers Tell Their Story Through the Answers to the 1936 Renzo Bacchetta Survey, where they started to learn their craft and how they learned it. Including: Historical introduction Complete transcriptions of the surveys Complete translations of the surveys in English 43 labels conserved in the Fondo Renzo Bacchetta 59 pages of photographic details of the original documents showing the handwriting and signature of the maker Hard cover 238 pages Published in 2021, presented online with the patronage of the state library of Cremona. Price excluding VAT where present and import taxes. Read the review in The Strad, January 2020

The Bowmakers of the Peccatte Family, by Paul Childs

This rare book details the lives, histories, styles and influences of the Peccatte family with special chapters on Dominque, Francois

The English Double Bass

A unique leather-bound, limited-edition book exploring the fine double basses made in England - £465 plus P&P The ultimate collector’s investment for anyone with an interest in fine double basses, The English Double Bass is the authoritative work on double basses made in England. Featuring 766 stunning colour photographs of 100 double basses by 40 of England’s great double bass makers, this 524-page book is a collector’s item. The authors have gathered a rare collection of double basses never seen before and presented them in a beautiful leather-bound case. ISBN: 978-1-916-4053-0-1   Read the review in The Strad, May 2019

The Essential Handbook for Violinists’ by Rebecca Houghton

Sold by: Viva Violins
Violin maker and restorer Rebecca Houghton wrote this book as a gift to players, teachers and parents who need essential

The Fulton Collection: A Guided Tour by David Fulton

1st edition volume featuring large-format linen-bound hardcover, high quality photos and never-before-seen archival material including excerpts from “The Hill Diaries” and “Alfred Hill Notes.”

The Golden Age of Violin Making in Spain

Edited by leading expert Jorge Pozas, this magnificent (and rare) title features a collection of 50 of the greatest Spanish

Tourte Le Jeune (The Tourte Exhibition of London, November 2008)

Celebrating the life and work of François Xavier Tourte from the 1st through the 30th of November, 2008 at London’s

Valentin Berlinsky – A Quartet for Life by Maria Matalaev

The compiled memoirs of Valentin Berlinsky, cellist with the Borodin Quartet for more than six decades. Foreword by Steven Isserlis   Read the review, The Strad, June 2019

Violin & Viola by Yehudi Menuhin and William Primrose

Yehudi Menuhin was indisputably one of the finest violinists of all time, with a technique that was the envy of

Violin and Bow Makers, Volume 1

Sold by: Jost Thöne
This publication, measures 320 mm by 240 mm (complete with a hardcover and gold embossed print), and features forty full-colour

W.E. Hill & Sons Violin Makers 1880-1936, by John Basford and Tim Toft

W.E. Hill and Sons was Britain’s most important violin dealership in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and, during this period, became renowned throughout the world for its expertise in instrument identification and repair. This new book gives a clear photographic and documentary record of instrument making at W.E Hill and Sons, from its inception in the early 1880s to 1936, when the first phase of production ended and the last instrument from that first phase of production was recorded in the original sales ledger.   Read the review, The Strad, May 2020

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