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The Strad / Digital Amati T-Shirt – £25

For its first ever T-shirt, The Strad has teamed up with computer scientist Harry George Mairson on a design that combines the beauty of Antonio Stradivari with the master luthier’s mathematical genius. At the centre is the famed 1700 ‘Stauffer, ex-Cristiani’ cello, now on display at Cremona’s Museo del Violino, and Mairson’s ‘Digital Amati’ software shows the basic geometric principles on which Stradivari based his design.

Digital Amati is a revolutionary new resource to help researchers and instrument makers design stringed instruments proportionally, using geometric and algorithmic methods.

Be the first to wear this 100% high quality cotton t-shirt representing a piece of code that is, in effect, a dynamic version of the design information in the Traité de Lutherie.

25% of proceeds raised will be donated to the Friends of Stradivari, available in small, medium, large, extra-large and extra, extra-large.

Back by Popular Demand – Five of The Strad’s Top Posters!

The Strad has republished five of its most popular posters. Visitors to The Strad Shop can now purchase these five limited-edition, best-selling posters, all of old Italian instruments, and each including full measurements, outlines and thickness maps.

The Strad Calendar 2020: The Chimei Collection – £19.95

The Chimei Museum in Taiwan contains possibly the largest collection of bowed stringed instruments in the world. Instrument and bow makers from across the globe have travelled to the Museum to examine its treasures: more than 1000 violin makers are represented, along with over 300 bow makers.

The Calendar includes the 1707 ‘Dushkin’ Stradivari, which represents the starting point of the whole collection: it was the $1m purchase of this violin in 1990, by the billionaire Shi Wen-Long, that kick-started the enterprise. Thirty years later, the collection comprises some 1,370 violins, with 260 of them out on loan at any one time.


The Best of Technique

Discover the top playing tips of the world’s leading string players and teachers in The Best of Technique. Bringing together articles from The Strad’s popular Technique section, this 168-page book is a must for every string player’s music stand. It tackles everything from bow control (Boris Kuschnir) and vibrato (Paul Katz) to jazz rhythm (Tracy Silverman) and resonant sound (Lynn Harrell) – with all things in between.

Each article contains exercises for students, followed by examples from the standard repertoire to show how to integrate the technique into your playing. Each author also gives tips on how to practise, as well as a few words for teachers, and recommended books and videos to follow up.

The Best of Technique is a one-stop shop for solving nearly all problems you might encounter as a string player. It’s essential reading for both the serious student and the conscientious teacher.

Download the Contents pages here


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November 2019

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Sarah Chang discusses her passion projects and we explore the lives of Chicago’s early bow makers. Joseph Curtin examines bridges, there’s a look at Brazil’s classical music and Alisa Weilerstein reveals her Sentimental Work. Plus David Kim on sautillé.

The Best of Technique

£35.00 Sold by: The Strad Shop

Discover the top playing tips of the world’s leading string players and teachers in The Best of Technique. Bringing together


October 2019

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Raphael Wallfisch marks the centenary of Elgar’s Cello Concerto with the story of the work’s composition, premiere and subsequent interpretations. Plus we speak to the Kuss Quartet about performing Beethoven on the ‘Paganini’ set of Stradivaris, and investigate how instrument set-up can affect sound.


The Strad Print + Online Subscription Package

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PRINT + ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION – The Strad is the world’s most authoritative and influential string music magazine, read by makers,


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